Friday, 5 February 2010


Recently I have been working on a project titled ‘Idiotic idioms’. Studying the Idiom ‘Cast Iron Stomach’ I have been researching and exploring ways in which I can visually represent the idiom, looking into advertising and narrative illustration greatly. Recently I have been looking into the quirky, humorous and illustrative work of David Fullarton. Inspired by his work I have tried to create a farfetched /quirky approach to my work myself creating advertisements for cast iron stomachs and ads against obesity. An influence for the narrative illustration came from more of a serious approach but still a farfetched idea of the NHS supplying the ‘cast iron death traps’. All in all I’m extremely please with my recent work and I’m developing my own style, my work being very mixed media and linier. The work I have submitted is a mixture of work from my foundation work and personal study/ commissions.
I see myself as articulate, trust worthy, business minded and creative. I have been involved with a number of commissions and at the present starting to set up a t-shirt business called ‘let live apparel’ with a fellow designer. I am a musician and being in the heart of the Northern Hub would be a great influence for writing especially with Manchester’s great music history.
I posses a thirst for more skills and knowledge, this being why I have applied to MMU when visiting last year for an open day I was extremely impressed by the graphic design presentation and tour I received the work produced was interesting and insightful. The course tutors attitude and passion in their subject was inspiring. While in the presentation I was enlightened at the strong links with the industry MMU has, this being if offered a place at the institution I could create contacts for future business or work experience. The facilities at MMU were brilliant especially the letter press. Typography is something I tackled before and would enjoy more practice with. Manchester is brilliant city packed with history character and culture. I believe I could benefit from living in Manchester and I believe studying at MMU would be for Me .

Development Illustration from Idiotic Idioms Project - Visual Communication.

Sketch Book work from 'idiotic Idioms' Project

Final peice development from the 'Idiotic Idioms' project

Visual Communication patthway project 'Idiotic Idioms' Cast Iron Stomach Ad.

Life Drawing - 'Untitled'

Fashion Illustration - Two of Nine

Visual Communication - 'Desperatly Seeking' Development Illustration

Visual Communication - 'Desperatly seeking' design sheet


Visual Arts Short Course - Drawing To Music

Visual Arts Short Course - 'Mapping'

Commission for Talk To Strangers. event poster for the club night 'Milk'.

TOPSHOP/TOPMAN mural commision